Why Partner with Pwave?

  • Strong Brand Presence.
  • User friendly application, Very easy to train, use and implement as well as customize.
  • Multispecialty & Super specialty EMR's.
  • Flexible and Transparent Partnership Program.
  • Huge Business Potential.
  • Maximum Profitability with Minimum Investment.
  • Strong Customer Support Backup.
  • Dedicated Technical Support.
  • Online Partner Panel.
  • Modernized product based on the latest Technology.
  • Support and upgrades provided through Internet reducing time and costs of support services.

our business model

Pwave Tech specialises in Healthcare Information Technology by offering various software services and solutions to healthcare providers. The basic model of establishing such a software is to reduce preventable end user errors and improvising healthcare experience patients.The developers of the software have a professional

experience in healthcare and have developed each software from the perspective of the user, whether it be a pharmacist, a pathologist, a doctor or a hospital manager. We have developed an effective and innovative solutions for the healthcare sector. Our software will help in improving staff efficiency and helping hospitals meet performance targets.

Opportunities for you

In case you’re associated with any Healthcare institute, you have an opportunity to additional generate revenue with our partnership models. Even if you are not associated with any doctor, pharmacist or Healthcare Organisation but still have adequate contacts in the industry, we can discuss possibilities of working together. We always value relationships with our partners which allows us to maximize the benefits our clients derive.

Every partnership is an opportunity for collaboration in order to serve our clients with the best health care needs.

Scope of business

Get more business in small surroundings

If you’re in lookout for better outcomes without the headache of overly-complicated technology our Pwave Tech offers simple yet effective solutions to help you improve cash flow, and reduce the pain of patient collections. Our partnership brings several reliable opportunities for earning recurring Income and thus, helps securing future of our partners. Our products are tested, and trusted by various pharmacist, doctors and hospitals. Moreover, we have local engineers for fast support services.

Play for Every Business Size

Responsibilities Channel Parners Sales Partners Referral Partners
Identify Client
Software Demonstration
Software Finalisation
Software Installation
Software Training
After Sale Service
Margins 75% 50% 25%

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